Macro «D.A.C.S. v1.0» for «Apex Legends»

Download free macro «D.A.C.S. v1.0» for «Apex Legends», installation on a regular mouse и keyboard occurs in a few clicks.
To use the macro, simply assign it to any mouse button or keyboard in BotMek, and then click it!
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(v1.0) D.A.C.S. aka Disco's Automatic Crouch Spam is a macro designed for the smoothest possible crouch spam in Apex Legends! D.A.C.S. has a problem using with LMB so this macro was also designed to shoot for you! D.A.C.S. may or may not be continued in further or separate versions. For now, D.A.C.S. is setup specifically for 400 DPI with an in-game sensitivity of 5.0 (1.0 ADS w/per-optic ADS sensitivity off) at 1920x1080p, but upon request I may release additional versions covering different DPIs and resolutions. If you face any issues using it, please reach out and let me know so I can properly update and correct any bugs found while using D.A.C.S. and/or any subsequent versions!
D.A.C.S. v1.0
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05.11.2023 17:02:01
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How to install?

Download the program (Download) and go to the macro editor


press the button «Open file»


and select the downloaded file


assign a macro to a key and run the program


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Category: Database macros and scripts » Apex Legends » D.A.C.S. v1.0