Macro «+c for capts» for «GTA: Criminal Russia (CRMP)»

Download free macro «+c for capts» for «GTA: Criminal Russia (CRMP)», installation on a simple mouse и keyboard occurs is easy.
To use the macro, simply assign it to any mouse button or keyboard in BotMek, and then click it!
I made this macro for you bandits. I had a problem when I used a car with a captcha, my camera was constantly being taken away and I could not quickly shoot at 3-5 enemies at once. But this macro will help you. He not only aligns the camera to its original position by himself and does not burn yet. To make everything work, you do not need to change the macro settings, it is already perfectly configured. To make it work, press the button. The macro may not work correctly if you change the settings. And do not move the camera when the camera returns to its original position, because you may not calculate and bring the camera and you will be killed. Everything is done qualitatively.

Good luck KILLING everyone and everything. so that you become the leader of a gang or mafia
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How to install?

Download the program (Download) and go to the macro editor


press the button «Open file»


and select the downloaded file


assign a macro to a key and run the program


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