Script «Rem_V0.2 Killer spam triple» for «Archeage»

Download free script «Rem_V0.2 Killer spam triple» for «Archeage», installation on a regular mouse и keyboard occurs in a few clicks.
To use the script, simply assign it to any mouse button or keyboard in BotMek, and then click it!
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Part 3 
Demonstration of the script ( video) 
There you can leave tips and suggestions on a build and rotation. 

 Scripts (3 pieces) for the game class is the Killer. 
Used scripts instead of macros, because of the possibility to make readable code. 

Need 3 scripts: 
1) the Killer combo of inviza= (key of E) - operation mode «Run while pressed» 
2) Killer spam triple strike= (key 1) - mode «before pressing» 
3) a Killer starter combo= ( key Q) -the operation mode is «Run while pressed» 
(keys can be any, I prefer so) 

It is recommended to select «Run while pressed» where it is proposed, as in the case of Suva rotation is sufficient to release the button, remove the control and repeat the rotation. 

To read everything! To make as written, by itself, will not work! 

 Branches - (Attack - Hypnosis - Stealth) 
 The basis is build from the forum forbidden link called «Killer 6.0 for single players» 
 Link https://forums.forbidden link/showthread.php?t=1299967 

Keyboard layout: 
Includes 3 panels (1,2,3) 
1 panel numbers from 1 to 0 and the signs «-»,»=» 
2 bar from F1 to F8 ( on the f8 does not and is not necessary) 
3 bar under the skills / items with a mouse, the macros are not zadeystvovany. 

The layout of the first panel in order ( what is used in the script): 
1-triple strike 
2-the snatch 
4-the Vortex 
5 - Bounce 
7-the Decisive blow 

The layout of the second panel ( that is used in the script): 
F1-the Destruction of reason 
F2 - Andrenalin ( disconnected and removed from the build) 
F5-Terrifying scream 
F6-Battle cry
Rem_V0.2 Killer spam triple
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//Убийца. тройной удар на клавише "1"
//Значение 4 строки можно увеличить иди 
//уменьшить в зависимости от Вашего ГС
How to install?

Download the BotMek program (Download) and go to the macro / script editor

press the button «Download»

and select the downloaded file

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Category: Database macros and scripts » Archeage » Rem_V0.2 Killer spam triple