Macro «Fishing» for «GTA 5 RP»

Download free macro «Fishing» for «GTA 5 RP», installation on a regular mouse и keyboard occurs in a few clicks.
To use the macro, simply assign it to any mouse button or keyboard in BotMek, and then click it!
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Macro-imitation of pressing LMB for «Fishing» - (Not a script) 

Delalost for the Downtown server.

					          ◄ Instructions ► 

 * Assign a convenient key (in my case, the letter E) - Yes, we would have the mouse was free
	* Press the RMB on the key that we want to bind and set the operation mode (Run while the key is pressed)
	* Running the macro

During the fishing process : 

 * Remember, it is unnecessary to hold the bind key until it melts 
 * Click, follow the catch bar, release, then click the bind button again

 If this macro was really useful to you, be sure to put a like, so that people would see that it is useful.
 Well, that's all friends, thank you for your attention, have a nice game and of course fishing ☻
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How to install?

Download the program (Download) and go to the macro editor


press the button «Open file»


and select the downloaded file


assign a macro to a key and run the program


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Category: Database macros and scripts » GTA 5 RP » Fishing