Macro «Opening Reward Chests» for «Perfect World»

Download free macro «Opening Reward Chests» for «Perfect World», installation on a simple mouse и keyboard occurs in a few clicks.
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During the game, they give a large number of chests with a reward for achieving a level. Also for loot chests (monthly chests for a donation in the shop). Suitable for Opening Chong Pon caskets.
For a monitor with a resolution of 2k.
Client window resolution: RenderWid = 2560 RenderHei = 1400, edited in the Game folder\element\userdata SystemSettings file 
The macro works so that when the interface is reset (Settings-Interface-Interface Collection), it opens 1 cell in the inventory, then opens the second, after the third, and returns the cursor back to the first cell.
The macro is looped for 100 repetitions (the value is edited at the bottom, you can also change its number there) 
It is convenient to use for PVP-frishek (Vanguard), where chests with mirages are given as a reward from weeks, release the first 3 inventory cells and run a macro with chests.
Opening Reward Chests
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Category: Database macros and scripts » Perfect World » Opening Reward Chests