Macro «Cppsrc» for «Blade & Soul»

Download free macro «Cppsrc» for «Blade & Soul», installation on a regular mouse и keyboard occurs in 2 clicks.
To use the macro, simply assign it to any mouse button or keyboard in BotMek, and then click it!
The macro CFMA Cerini Wolf 
1. Run BotMek 
2. Select operation without binding to the window. 
3. Under shortcuts assigned to a convenient button(Suggest doing the installation on the Right mouse button, the game privina) 
3. Zapuskaem Game 
4. In settings assign the Right Cell 1-(Left mouse button) on the«R» key 
5. In settings assign the Right Cell 2(Right key bears) on«T» key 
6. In the settings assigned to the Cell the ability of an item(Pendant, by default assigned to Shift+E) key '(in the Russian rasklade key of e) 
7, Disable combat will take «incoming Wave» «the Fury of iron fist» 
Best of all are both smiling zyrim mode «Run while pressed» 
The macro is not designed for maximum damage ,but only for a comfortable game
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    <Comment> - Free macros download | Скачать бесплатные макросы </Comment>
      <Syntax>KeyDown 52 1
Delay 20
KeyUp 52 1
Delay 20
KeyDown 25 1
Delay 20
KeyUp 25 1
Delay 20
KeyDown 33 1
Delay 10 ms
KeyUp 33 1
KeyDown 27 1
Delay 10 ms
KeyUp 27 1
KeyDown 9 1
Delay 10 ms
KeyUp 9 1
KeyDown 21 1
KeyUp 21 1
KeyDown 23 1
KeyUp 23 1</Syntax>
How to install?

Download the BotMek program (Download) and go to the macro / script editor

press the button «Download»

and select the downloaded file

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