Macro «Auto-farm winter cup glasses» for «Icarus»

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A macro for collecting water on a quest in the crying oasis location of the Supersaturated Wastelands region.
Since the quest is endless and for each completion you can get 1 point in the winter cup game
The macro itself will take the quest from the NPC and collect water, then hand it over and so on in a circle.
One quest with this macro will take 30 seconds, which will allow you to get 120 pass points in 1 hour, and in just 25 hours you will receive all the pass rewards, which is record-breaking fast, because 90 days have been allocated to earn this number of points.
For stable operation, you need to enable auto rejection of trade, duels, exchanges, etc.
You can also disable the interface while the macro is running by using the Cntrl+ key combination / 
This will reduce the risk of sagging, which may disrupt the operation of the macro.
And finally, for the very beginning of farming, you need to stand between the NPC and the Lake, face the NPC.
Then run the macro with the key it was assigned to and go to sleep :D, and in the morning enjoy the newly earned pass rewards.
                                                                   Have a good pharma points for everyone.  
                                          /// For Icarus Phuenix players /// For Icarus Phuenix players ///
Auto-farm winter cup glasses
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Category: Database macros and scripts » Icarus » Auto-farm winter cup glasses