Macro «prokast Meepo» for «Dota 2»

Download free macro «prokast Meepo» for «Dota 2», installation on a simple mouse и keyboard occurs in a couple of clicks.
To use the macro, simply assign it to any mouse button or keyboard in BotMek, and then click it!
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1.Macro for Dota 2 hero Meepo hero is extremely dependent on your macro and micro games the most important thing is to press all the buttons correctly and without mistakes for this I created my macro, I base it as an attack on 1 solo hero max 2.
2. By binds W-poof, D-aganim shard, Z-Trace unit.  Space-BLINK, side mouse button (top)-select all units except the main one.
3. The macro uses from 0k to 8k.
4.Be sure to turn on the quickasts without them, the macro will not work correctly, and aim with a mouse where you want to blink and in whom to give a procast.
5.If there are requests to create a macro or explain something to vk id:4elbob3k
prokast Meepo
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How to install?

Download the program (Download) and go to the macro editor


press the button «Open file»


and select the downloaded file


assign a macro to a key and run the program


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Category: Database macros and scripts » Dota 2 » prokast Meepo