Macro «Lucite» for «Blade & Soul»

Download free macro «Lucite» for «Blade & Soul», installation on a regular mouse и keyboard occurs is easy.
To use the macro, simply assign it to any mouse button or keyboard in BotMek, and then click it!
Description of skills
PENDANT+Z+Macro+Q/E(Into a puddle)+X+4
Hold Down The Macro 
X-gives a buff for 10 seconds on the strength of the crit and a chance 
3-a puddle in which 4-ka has max damage without recharging 
We repeat the procedure constantly after the rollback of skills
Date of change
File size
13.11.2020 14:46:50
0.63 Kb.
Preview macro
    <Comment> - Free macros download | Скачать бесплатные макросы </Comment>
      <Syntax>KeyDown 9 1
Delay 0
KeyUp 9 1
Delay 0
KeyDown 6 1
Delay 0
KeyUp 6 1
Delay 0
KeyDown 25 1
Delay 0
KeyUp 25 1
Delay 0
KeyDown 32 1
Delay 0
KeyUp 32 1
Delay 0
KeyDown 23 1
Delay 0
KeyUp 23 1
Delay 0</Syntax>
How to install?

Download the BotMek program (Download) and go to the macro / script editor

press the button «Download»

and select the downloaded file

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