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  1. Squat

    Can we have Profile shortcuts ?

    We are already working on this, it will be added in the future.
  2. Squat

    Hy PPL

    You can create one yourself, and please post in the correct sub-forum.
  3. Squat


    Click on instructions, and follow the steps, do not spam.
  4. Squat

    I upload a macros but i dont get a key :(?

    @chairgunmao If you've followed the right steps to upload your macro, and it works, you will be issued a key upon verification, but please do no ask for keys.
  5. Squat

    Mouse errors . Not work perfectly. some buttoms

    This looks more like a mouse issue than the application, please try using a different mouse and let us know, if you still have the error/bug.
  6. Squat

    account does not open.

    My apologies for the late reply, does the issue still persists?
  7. Squat


    What do you play? We should form a rust team 😉
  8. Squat


    What's everyone up to during the quarantine?
  9. Good Evening, We are happy to announce that now you can take advantage of our special “Bring a friend” offer. If you've been using BotMek and are happy with our services, you now have the chance to recommend our application/program to your friends and receive a FREE key. We will try to keep it straight forward for now, and offer the following: 1 friend = 1 day 3 friends = 2 days 5 friends = 7 days and so on In order to receive the key/reward, your friend MUST signup on the website (https://botmek.com/forum/) and join our discord (https://discord.gg/x6V4YG2) - they don't need to post or start a new topic, even though we do encourage members to post and be active to earn more rewards, but I will keep that for another topic. Once, the registration is completed, you can contact one of the mods/admins on the website or on discord with your friend's username, and you will immediately be granted a free key upon verification. WARNING: We will not tolerate multiple accounts, and strict punishments will be handed out, if caught. Thank you for supporting and being a part of us!
  10. Squat

    I can't download the macro an error.

    Did you fix this issue?