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  1. Dakos

    I can't log in

    Can I please take a screenshot of the error? Most likely, it says "wait for 00: 00:00 time before updating the demo mode". That is, how long you need to wait to take the demo period again.
  2. Dakos

    I really want it ):

    We are ready to give you premium access, but are you ready to help us in exchange?
  3. Rules for using the program in games Before using BotMek in any game, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of this game. Most games allow moderate use of macros, but some games may not be as loyal to their players. Is it permitted to use macros in a particular game is best specified in the technical support of this game. I want to note that learning the rules of the game is the responsibility of the player. We provide a working program, we cannot answer for how the user uses it. No need to ask the moderators or the administration if it is allowed to use the program in your game. Find out for yourself!
  4. Dakos

    File extension issue

    Use this editor.
  5. Dakos

    Reporting A Bug

    Explain your problem in more detail.
  6. Dakos

    Mouse errors . Not work perfectly. some buttoms

    The problems are known. They will be fixed in the next update.
  7. Dakos

    Didn 't find a suitable macro?

    What kind of macro are you talking about? Is there a link?
  8. Dakos


    And you?
  9. Dakos


    I sit, think, play)
  10. If you have not found a suitable macro, you can contact our moderator at Discord. Moderator, will try to help you. Also, you can write in this topic, we will be happy to solve your problem! 😃
  11. Dakos

    Free subject

    Good day and good mood!
  12. Very brief instruction, for the most lazy
  13. Count to 5 The winner will be randomly selected. Prize - premium from the program for 1 day Go!
  14. You can get acquainted with the current instructions here - https://wiki.botmek.com/