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  1. chairgunmao

    Mouse errors . Not work perfectly. some buttoms

    I try using 3 types of mouse and still the problem.. 😕 otherwise it would be a good idea for macros to activate the option to press repeatedly many times
  2. Hello, I was using the program and I really liked it and well I hope I can help improve the program. Here I have the explanation of how I found these errors. WHILE PLAYING FORTNITE.
  3. i already upload a macro but i dont get license key for 7 days :( how i can get it? my username is ' chairgunmao' and how i can report a bug? i can report on this site? explain here? Thanks. Я загрузил много макросов, но не получил 7-дневную лицензию? Как я мог получить это. Также, где ошибка могла быть сделана? этим извините? ' Chairgunmao' nickname