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  1. Nalik

    I can't download the macro an error.

    For a detailed study of the error, please attach a log file. It is located in the folder with the installed program, in the "logs" directory.
  2. Nalik

    Rust Macro ak does not work

    What exactly doesn’t work for you?
  3. I fixed my mistake. English should work.
  4. After I fixed everything, I broke it. wait for the update in which everything will be fixed Forgive me for that. Soon everything will work ..
  5. The program has been updated. Now English should be displayed normally.
  6. I can’t say it yet. But this problem will be fixed first.
  7. Still not working. In the next update, this problem will be fixed.
  8. Nalik

    V1.4.9 no english translation work

    Thank you, we will understand
  9. Nalik

    V1.4.9 no english translation work

    Could you drop me the program log, it is located in the logs folder next to the program executable file.
  10. Nalik

    Translation error

    Hello friends! The site https://botmek.com and the program BotMek were translated from the Russian language using google translate, because in the text there may be many inaccuracies. Please report in this thread if you find a mistake in translation.
  11. In this thread, you can ask the developer of the program.