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  3. Squat

    Can we have Profile shortcuts ?

    We are already working on this, it will be added in the future.
  4. In the settings--->Hotkeys of Botmek we have a key to activate and desactivate Tracking, And am asking if we can have a key to swtich between profiles. that can be really helpful and useful
  5. Earlier
  6. Squat

    Hy PPL

    You can create one yourself, and please post in the correct sub-forum.
  7. Squat


    Click on instructions, and follow the steps, do not spam.
  8. Squat

    I upload a macros but i dont get a key :(?

    @chairgunmao If you've followed the right steps to upload your macro, and it works, you will be issued a key upon verification, but please do no ask for keys.
  9. Squat

    Mouse errors . Not work perfectly. some buttoms

    This looks more like a mouse issue than the application, please try using a different mouse and let us know, if you still have the error/bug.
  10. Righty

    I upload a macros but i dont get a key :(?

    May be your macros was have copied script or non-informativ discription.
  11. Hello, I was using the program and I really liked it and well I hope I can help improve the program. Here I have the explanation of how I found these errors. WHILE PLAYING FORTNITE.
  12. i already upload a macro but i dont get license key for 7 days :( how i can get it? my username is ' chairgunmao' and how i can report a bug? i can report on this site? explain here? Thanks. Я загрузил много макросов, но не получил 7-дневную лицензию? Как я мог получить это. Также, где ошибка могла быть сделана? этим извините? ' Chairgunmao' nickname
  13. Squat

    account does not open.

    My apologies for the late reply, does the issue still persists?
  14. Alex


    How can I use free macro
  15. BizzPack

    Hy PPL

    I also need a script if anyone can help me ? I need a script to press the "z" key once, every 4 minutes, and this process is repeated endlessly
  16. BLACK

    account does not open.

    gives an error that the exception was created.
  17. BLACK

    account does not open.

    Entering the site but not the application.The money cannot be bought and the license cannot be bought.
  18. ugurr0600

    Didn 't find a suitable macro?

    hello ak 47 file damaged do you update?(GAME: Cs 1.6 )
  19. Squat


    What do you play? We should form a rust team 😉
  20. Dakos


    And you?
  21. Dakos


    I sit, think, play)
  22. Squat


    What's everyone up to during the quarantine?
  23. Nalik

    my first script macross

    Video not available The author has restricted access to the video.
  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lm4NhGfS5zU
  25. tafrai

    [contest] Random decides

    3th ! https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/atlantica-online/4717511-free-bot-atlantica-online-app-script-macross.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lm4NhGfS5zU send me key, i want create video for youTube quick guide for make script and macross i know basic Programming language, create scripts easy for me )))
  26. Good Evening, We are happy to announce that now you can take advantage of our special “Bring a friend” offer. If you've been using BotMek and are happy with our services, you now have the chance to recommend our application/program to your friends and receive a FREE key. We will try to keep it straight forward for now, and offer the following: 1 friend = 1 day 3 friends = 2 days 5 friends = 7 days and so on In order to receive the key/reward, your friend MUST signup on the website (https://botmek.com/forum/) and join our discord (https://discord.gg/x6V4YG2) - they don't need to post or start a new topic, even though we do encourage members to post and be active to earn more rewards, but I will keep that for another topic. Once, the registration is completed, you can contact one of the mods/admins on the website or on discord with your friend's username, and you will immediately be granted a free key upon verification. WARNING: We will not tolerate multiple accounts, and strict punishments will be handed out, if caught. Thank you for supporting and being a part of us!
  27. If you have not found a suitable macro, you can contact our moderator at Discord. Moderator, will try to help you. Also, you can write in this topic, we will be happy to solve your problem! 😃
  28. Dakos

    Free subject

    Good day and good mood!
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